facesaerch is an image search engine for faces powered by Google. All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google.

facesaerch is based on free availabel tools and search results from
accessed via their open and free available web search API.
All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google.

This means: facesaerch does not save, store, scrap, ... any images or other data from other websites. Really, we don't! Neither do we have the infrastractur or the time for this! All images listed at facesaerch are direct results from Google Image Search! Fetched in real time via the free Google API! Basically facesaerch is a slick and cool interface to Google.

i.e.: see the Google Image Search results about Julia Roberts!

If you want to remove images from Google, please see their great FAQ about this topic.

Facesaerch RSSflow visualizes free available RSS feeds. All images are provided and managed by the respective feed owners.

If you have questions or want to c0ntact facesaerch, please contact us via the Google Profile "Send a message" function (or via email if you don't have a gmail account @facesaerchteam ). But please, once again: we do not save, store, scrap any images. We access all this stuff via the free available API from Google. We are happy to help anybody with everything (facesaerch related that is). please write in english or german, as we have issues understanding other languages. google translate is not of much help understanding other language emails, really, we tried.

Facesaerch is powered by the Google API and visualized with a tuned version of the Protoflow software.

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fUpdate - "It's like an Iphone met Facebook and they began to twi****!"

About fUpdate for facebook

New: "Face widget creator" for you, your blog, website, whatever...

rss viewer title= RSS Flow
  1. Go to http://www.facesaerch.com
  2. Copy/Paste a valid RSS Url (i.e. the 20 most recent Flickr pics ) into the search input box.
  3. Click on Search.

or just use this RSSflow bookmarklet.

24-06-2008: Google depersonalizer tool now hosted by Facesaerch


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The faces of 100+ celebrities.
Some quite popular people - list.
The faces of 500+ common surnames.
Euro Football Players 2008.
Some authors.
Old movies.
Faces of BBC breaking news.



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Great web application to remember a face
"So you know the name but don't know what the person looks like? Or you met a few colleagues and got their cards, but now can't recall which was who? Finally there is a good tool to help us with this common problem." ...
via Communities Dominate Brands

Why I love my job - facesaerch
"This is an old friend that just recently got (really) updated. I searched simply for 'ABBA' and got back not only the singers, but others who share that name of course."..
via Alt Search Engines - Charles Knight


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if you have any questions please first read the explaination what facesaerch.com is and if you still have questions please conntact the facesaerchteam at this email adress.