the meaning of the great/screwed 21st century

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Well, if you read a book about how screwed our planet is, how our seas are dead and getting deader, how poor nations get more desperate and how our environment is plundered without leaving anything for future generations, …

Well, and if you read this book, while you are in Pulau Kapas, Malaysia.

than you might think this is depressing. But well, yes, this planet is screwed, but while we were doing ugly things to our planet we gained the ability to solve every problem, if we want to.

For a book that describes how messed up our current globale state is - it’s an unbelieveable optimistic book. You should read it.


we are alone. there is nothing else

and thats a good thing.

mediocre websites are gray.

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there is one manager saying: i want a website that is so cool like apple. give me black. there is this other guy, also a young and upcoming manager with a little bit more understanding of the web and says: black is not good for usability, the background should be white. they argue for and against it, they pay good money to other experts. the experts already know what the outcome of the study should be, so well, one study says black is cool, the other says white is better for usability. then they get a mediation and the outcome is gray.

this i call the hard struggle for mediocrity. there are two possible ways. each one valid. each one a good possibility. the compromise is just mediocre.

in web projects it’s important to know which fights to fight. black may not be usability friendly, but hey, let the old school manager win that fight. there are much more important topics than colors. (i for my part want the …hundreds… of hours back other talked to me about their favorite website-colors…)

Important: Every color is better than gray!

the implementation - knowledge gap

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what to do when the know how is much much bigger >>> than the status of implementation of this know-how? my current solution: question the foundation, bend the rules, break them if necessary. and: teach, teach, teach the people who do the real work (programmers, developers, system admins, you name it…)

i wrote this post some time ago while i was working for a 2000+ people company - what i would not differently: break more rules, be proud about it, question every task that is not directly connected to your goals (i.e. filling out forms that some other departments needs….), tell everyone straight form the beginning that you are not there to be their buddy, but to get the job done, kick some ass, then again: break rules, make place for innovation.

lost fights

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i once argued, that there must be better possibilities to represent the stock exchange market than pictures of overworked yuppies.


i lost this fight to marketing and this was the result



well, and it seems that there really aren’t much ways for narrow minded people to picture the stock exchange



i would have gone o’reilly style a la

(p.s.: yes, i’m reposting some old stuff, as i will close down my old blog and sell the domain or something like that)


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