Mashable as RSS flow

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This one is beautiful: mashable as RSS flow

TechCrunch RSS is 90% green.

Valleywag is a thing of beauty, too (visually seen). - visualized

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Google News Flow Widget

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How to make such a newsworthy widget

  1. Go to Google News
  2. Copy the RSS feed URL
  3. Go to facesaerch
  4. Past the RSS feed URL into the search-box
  5. Click on Search
  6. Click on Widget
  7. Make your color setting
  8. Copy the code
  9. Paste it into your blog / website / mySpace / …

SEO means Change

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I already explained what SEO is all about and that SEO is not free traffic but a serious business, now lets take a look at what you have to do, SEO wise.

SEO links content architecture

simplified SEO view

SEO deals with

  • Website architecture
  • Internal and external links
  • Content

Simple enough, isn’t it? OK, but sadly all these aspects are greatly screwed up.

screwed up

Yes, the website reality is this bad, and this are just examples. So in order to achieve successful SEO you must

  1. Change the basics (architecture).
  2. Change the way your business deals with your website (content).
  3. Change the way your business deals with the internet (links).

And no, nobody ever got it right from the beginning.

RSS visualization icon

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picture flow for rss

1000 thx to Matthew Forsythe for the great icon.

Something new: Complete honesty - the figures

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users stats 27.05.2008 to 27.07.2008

About 50.500 Visits, 187.000 Page views, 42.000 Absolute Unique Visitors in the first two months (27.05.2008 - 27.07.2008). Not bad for a site without marketing budget (only word to mouth, maven sites, some SEO) or any major capital.
what is what in the traffic

And yes, is still a minor player, but i’m working on it.


20 most recent Flickr pics as picture flow

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Well, no guarantee what pics you will see, that’s in the hand of the flickr community. Like what you see? You can visualize your RSS feeds with facesaerch and share them via the widget creator.

Visualize your RSS feeds with facesaerch

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How to use the RSS visualization:

  1. Go to
  2. Copy/Paste a valid RSS Url (i.e. from your Flickr account) into the search input box.
  3. Click on Search.

Works with every kind of RSS i.e.: Digg Top Stories

New: Easy view of RSSflows via this handy bookmarklet. Install via drag&drop.

here are some examples.

Happy birthday widget - Matt LeBlanc

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I loved Joey Tribbiani in Friends, but hated him in Joey.

SEO is a business

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Continuing from “SEO - a definition” we now take a closer look at the business aspect:

SEO, search engine optimization, is a business!

the goal of SEO

With a start point and a goal you want to reach. Money is a great measurement, but you can also calculate with leads, registrations, active users, …

SEO business needs figures

You need to know your start point. Only if comprehensive web-measurement is installed, you can start with SEO. Google analytic has the best return on investment (It’s free and quite powerful). Web analytics is not a part of SEO but a necessary prerequisite. Really, never ever start without it, because:
You need to know where you are if you want to reach where you are going. (Plus: you should know when you are there.)

SEO business with milestones

SEO is a business with milestones. You can identify what the issues are and what the competitive situation is and what you need to do next.

every SEO milestone with a price tag
And most importantly, you can (and you must) attach a price tag to the actions you need to do to achieve your milestones and ultimately your goal.

SEO is

  • not a black art
  • not any other kind of art
  • not white hat magic
  • and not black hat magic
  • not a science
  • and not free traffic

but SEO is

  • a business
  • with a start point and a goal
  • with milestones
  • milestones with estimated and real costs

p.s.: yes blogging about SEO has nothing directly to do with face search. but running a search engine and knowing about SEO are two sided of the same “search business” coin. and i’m lookin at both of them.

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