I quit

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it was fun for a while, being the SEO Manager of “the world market leader in sports betting, poker, casino, games” working in 22 languages in 30+ markets. decisions with millions at stake, innovative projects, an army of IT people with three armies of marketing people. an unbelievable powerful brand, tens of thousand of inlinks, partners sites like real madrid, ac milan, ….

and even thought that it is great to be part of an avalanche (the avalanche always wins)


i choose

snow by t a k k

maybe i fail, maybe i fall, maybe i succeed (well, ok, i’m sure i succeed, as always), but well, the future is wide open, and i really love new challenges.

more details about the new challenge tomorrow.

and hey, i can only recommend my old workplace, great people, great products, good team spirit.

SEO Manager Egocentrism

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In psychology, egocentrism is defined as a) the incomplete differentiation of the self and the world, including other people and b) the tendency to perceive, understand and interpret the world in terms of the self. The term derives from the Greek egô, meaning “I”. An egocentric person has a limited theory of mind, cannot fully “put himself in other peoples’ shoes,” and believes everyone sees what he/she sees (or that what he/she sees, in some way, exceeds what others see) …

ok, maybe i’m a little egocentric, maybe it’s all just a miracle, or maybe i’m just the greateste SEO Manager in germany, but hey, searching on Google.de (german language) I’m Nr. 4 for the term SEO Manager.

SEO Manager in Google



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I don’t know how to put this: I’m on holiday. Yes!!!!

So to everyone who as contributed: Keep up the good work. For every search: Good searching.

Just a note: update the linkedin profile

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it’s kinda out of date.

The linkedin blog got better.

Download Google Chrome comic as ebook PDF

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download google chrome Download Google Chrome Comic ebook (PDF)

Yeah, Google is starting a new browser war (it was about time). And it starts with a comic by the great Scott McLoud, sadly the comics is in a crappy JS sideshow, so i offer it here in PDF format, perfect to print out and read (like every good comic) in the bathtub. - Digg



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