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My Popularity (by popuri.us)

fun, but senseless


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google is just great.

twitter is great, after the login… i think their homepage is underselling their service.

a complex product, a great start page - flickr

google webmaster tools three site verifying request

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interesting. when you try to verify a site via the great google webmaster tools you get three requests.

  1. GET /noexist_aa78573zbb9821c2f.html
  2. GET /
  3. GET /aa78573zbb9821c2f.html

if the first one returns an HTTP 200 you can’t verify. it must be an HTTP 404.
think the second one must not be an HTTP 4xx. (it can be an HTTP 3xx)
the third one must be an HTTP 200.

so basically you can work around the “you can’t verify your site because you do not return any 404 statuses” if you just roll out a “/noexist_yourwebmastertoolskey.html” file, too. but nonetheless HTTPs 404 are a great tool. better fix your server first.

5 things i learned while working with a travel guide

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as i’m now working together with the tripwolf travel guide i learned a few things about the travel space:

  1. damn it’s competitive
  2. people use london if they want information about london, without any prefixes or additional words.
  3. unique content is a must, there is so much replicated content around in the travel space, it looks a little bit like amazon.
  4. think big wins, forget the niche (and then: make a collection of niches)
  5. get your call to actions right

just great you tube

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thumbs up

cool pic sources - feedflowed

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nuff said


it’s offical - facesaerch is face search

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facesaerch is the best destination for everything “face search” (nr. 1 at google.com).

top dog for face search

thx to mashable for the great and honest coverage. check out the mashable flow.

facesaerch covered by mashable


what’s up with the searchme blog?

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the last update was 11th of Aug 2008. no news since? the deep fall into the blogging canyon (the moment when companies realize that keeping a blog is actual work)? the stock exchange crisis? even though that i think that they are grossly overfinanced with the $43.6M they should not stop now. did i miss something?

an outside view of the stack widget adoption rate: still very slow - google only shows about 135 stacks in the index.

seo makes me humble

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well, because success is so simple. simple changes, a twist here, a twist there, a few thousand visits per day. but i also know the downside: from 20.000 visits per day to 10. so, i don’t care pretty much about the big peaks and spikes any more (i have seen them to often) . i just care about sustainable traffic. why? you can’t sell peaks as well as sustainable growth.

going up

on the other hand: hey, yeah, currently face search is quite popular! :-)

call to action - essentials

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call to action - essentials

  1. a CTA is never pointless
  2. a CTA must always be worth reading
  3. a CTA must always include an action for the user to take (that’s why it is called “call to action”)
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