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time to spread the word about some personal blogs I’m currently reading

dr. lukas zinnagl (yeah, he is a real doctor - the one who helps people) blogger and networking (so people to people and the business behind them) genius

and vanileah - social media PR professional - who starts a worldwide travel adventure in a few days - and blogs about it. the perfect blog for all people stuck in the office.

the Google Twitter Onebox result

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There is a newer version of the script - check it out!

can you spot the little difference on this Google search result page?


yeah, there is a little, nice “Twitter” link in the blue bar, next to the fat “Web“, a click on it jumps the search result page down to:

tc-google-twitter-see the twitter results

yeah, the top 10 tweets (via the twitter search).

basically i have been using twitter a lot in the last time - both active as a tweet-tweeter and passive for research. Googles coverage of twitter can be seen as quite pore (seems instead of organizing the worlds information they seem to be more busy to force half baked wiki functions down our throat) so this

firefox greasemonkey script “google twitter”

fixes this.

hope you like it, oh and if you don’t have greasemonkey installed, you can get it here. if you want to follow me on twitter just check out my feed.

i just don’t like the way that you think

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the perfect song for jobinterviews and problem solving meetings. problems in project managment don’t exit a prioir, people create them. most of the time a change in perspective helps.

and i know it’s cliche, but it works: call them “challenges”, “ventures” or just “things we fix now” but not the big bad P word.

SEO instead of URLs

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SEO instead of URLs
SEO instead of URLs. I love it.

via Cable

still great tomskis bbc 15

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one of the best blog posts ever written

  1. Build web products that meet audience needs: anticipate needs not yet fully articulated by audiences, then meet them with products that set new standards. (nicked from Google)
  2. The very best websites do one thing really, really well: do less, but execute perfectly. (again, nicked from Google, with a tip of the hat to Jason Fried)
  3. Do not attempt to do everything yourselves: link to other high-quality sites instead. Your users will thank you. Use other people’s content and tools to enhance your site, and vice versa.
  4. Fall forward, fast: make many small bets, iterate wildly, back successes, kill failures, fast.
  5. Treat the entire web as a creative canvas: don’t restrict your creativity to your own site.
  6. The web is a conversation. Join in: Adopt a relaxed, conversational tone. Admit your mistakes.
  7. Any website is only as good as its worst page: Ensure best practice editorial processes are adopted and adhered to.
  8. Make sure all your content can be linked to, forever.
  9. Remember your granny won’t ever use “Second Life”: She may come online soon, with very different needs from early-adopters.
  10. Maximise routes to content: Develop as many aggregations of content about people, places, topics, channels, networks & time as possible. Optimise your site to rank high in Google.
  11. Consistent design and navigation needn’t mean one-size-fits-all: Users should always know they’re on one of your websites, even if they all look very different. Most importantly of all, they know they won’t ever get lost.
  12. Accessibility is not an optional extra: Sites designed that way from the ground up work better for all users
  13. Let people paste your content on the walls of their virtual homes: Encourage users to take nuggets of content away with them, with links back to your site
  14. Link to discussions on the web, don’t host them: Only host web-based discussions where there is a clear rationale
  15. Personalisation should be unobtrusive, elegant and transparent: After all, it’s your users’ data. Best respect it.

In your face - Top Dog for SEO Manager in Germany

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seo manager deutschland

It took me about 4 month (it was a side project, so i was in no hurry), about 5 well placed inlinks and a landing page on an authoritative domain. So now i’m finally proud to present me, myself and i as nr.1 on the german google for SEO Manager -

Franz Enzenhofer - SEO Manager - XING
Franz Enzenhofer bietet Beratung, Gespräche, Konzepte, Wissen, Effizienz.

SEO is great!

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