nofollow bookmarklet

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nofollow bookmarklet - just drag and drop into the bookmarks bar.

Google search with Twitter integration

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First of all:i coded this for me, not for you! Because i deem it useful. Basically i came to realize that in my job of checking and optimizing websites and their brand visibility i came to use twitter search more and more often. So saving a few seconds per search i integrated Twitter in Google.

This script was recommended by Matt Cutts! Cool!

So now after you install

you get

twitter onebox result

yeah, look, there is a new unobtrusive twitter link in the blue bar (next to Groups in this case). Click it and …ta da…

twitter in google

the last ten tweets about the topic (via twitter search)
Oh yeah, of course the twitter link only shows up if there was something found via twitter.

Why is it important: After thinking about Twitter and using it for a while i realize it will become an underlying communication layer of coming real time web (and the mobile web). Google hasn’t realized it yet to it’s full extend. Information in twitter is faster available because it does not need to be indexed by Google to get found, it has it’s own search - It’s Google independent and has a speed advantage. On the other side Google is my One-Stop-Shop for information. So either i would have to leave my beloved one-stop-shop to get this valueable information or i fix it. Thx to Greasmonkey it’s only about an hour worth of work to fix a website. Have fun.

Oh yeah, the script is in an CC do whatever you want LGPL license.

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