900.000 visits / 30 days - still hosted on a 1 EUR webspace

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www.facesaerch.com reaches 900.000 visits / 30 days - still hosted on a 1EUR webspace - still a hobby project - still for sale!

more infos about facesaerch.com - what facesaerch.com is, what is isn’t (i.e. we don’t host any pictures, they are all managed via the google API, see more about it in the about section) and it’s still for sale.

a new project - dealhamster.com

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hey ho a new project i helped as a consultant is finally online - the great new coupon site dealhamster.com - basically it collects and aggregates coupons from all over the web and publishes them online. so every time when you are online shopping for a new computer and seconds before you click the “pay” button just visit dealhamster.com and get you special bonus code.

currently it’s german only - but they will expand to en, es, fr, nl, dk, sl, po, cz, ru,…. soon.

driving license

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this is a short and quite unusual post.

congrats to my sister for her new driving license. she went to klagenfurt to get her driving license this summer. and well, she nailed it on the first try. congrats to her and fahrschule klagenfurt zobernig for the great achievement. finally i have my own personal taxi driver.

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