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hi, the facesaerchteam is currently on a sabbatical.

Q: häh? what? how can a company go on a sabbatical?

thats the thing, facesaerch is a cool website that takes google images and displays them in a cool and usefull (some argue that usefull stuff) cover flow like design for faster scanning. its not really a company, its a hobby side project thingie. see more about what facesaerch is and what it isnt in the about section http://www.facesaerch.com/about.php.

and facesaerch is a hobby project were from time to time less then <2 people are working on it. and they are going on a sabbatical in a country where they are not so sure about the internet connection. so if you comment, mail or conntact facesaerch one way or the other there could be the possiblity that we can not respons in real time but with quite a few days in between. so please be patient. please see our aout section for any questions. thx a lot.

see you late
yours sincerly facesaerchteam (hobby side project thingie team)


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