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everybody knows HTML, the stuff websites are made of. HTML - as intended by sir tim berners lee - was a simple construction to makes text a little bit more useful (he called it “hypertext”). It was simple, cool and a disruptive innovation. And for a time, it was good.

Then came the modern - graphical user interface - browsers. And suddenly simple was not good enough and design as added. And simple HTML was misused to create something like tagsoup. An ugly mishmash of tags that fought a never ending war against each other. It was ugly and a crime against technology.

The thing with “never ending war” is, that the war is still ongoing. Startups with HTML sites as ugly as if your grandfather would suddenly have a second puberty. Sites that have HTML so misused that tim berners lee rotates in his grave (actually, he is still alive and i hope he stays so for a long long time, but he would rotate anyway). Believe me, it’s an ugly HTML world out there.

But - where there is darkness there must be light - there is a small PSD2HTML company called which produces the most beautiful HTML i have ever seen in my whole career. Pure semantic XHTML, CSS, WAI conform code that just makes me (and probably tim) more than happy.


They cost 159$ per PSD (PSD = photoshop image you want to get sliced into beautiful HTML), you get 5 revisions free, and they usually deliver in just 2 working days.

CC Maco Gomes via flickr

I have worked with webdesign companies which charged for a similar work 1000% more, and delivered a much, much, much, much lower quality work after 20 times the time. (I’m in the business for more than 10 years, i have seen everything….).

So if you need you PSD sliced, just send them your design - pay - and make me, the internet and your users happy.

Their HTML is a thing of beauty!


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