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facesaerch provides a nifty RSSflow bookmarklet to browse feeds easier cover flow style. sadly not all is right in the RSS feed world.

first of all, many feeds are poorly maintained. i.e. you tube

you tube rss broken

3 out of 15 do not work….

Another issue is, that many websites offer more than one feed linked from the head section (that’s when you see the nice orange icon).

too many feeds

ok, if you are a technical experienced human user you might know which one to choose and what to do with it, for automated services you have to make ongoing workarounds to estimate the most suitable feed.

last but not least: like blue-ray vs. HD-DVD - RSS feeds (blue)  have won over ATOM feeds (red) a long time ago .

rss vs atom feeds

Sadly the ATOM format still hangs around on many blogs, often masquerades itself as an RSS feed.


(and RSS 2.0 is also around for quite some time, we should get rid of 0.92…)

For a new technology RSS has a shitload of baggage. To drive market acceptance there should be some clear rules.

  • One page, one feed from the header.
  • One format.
  • The feed is your web page! Keep it working.

And yes, this is just wishful thinking. Thx for the screen time, now i will continue code some workarounds.


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