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RSSflow Bookmarklet

- see RSSflows of your favorite sites with a one-click bookmark.

What are “Bookmarklets“?
Bookmarklets are very handy pieces of JavaScript code that you can bookmark via Drag and Drop to your bookmark / favorites toolbar.

1. Install via Drag&Drop
drag and drop bookmarklet rss

2. Go to your favorite blog / website i.e. the great Wake up Tiger.
wake up tiger

3. View the blog Rssflow style.

RSSes with many pictures work best. See: Twitpic, Mashable, Flickr, ..

but sometimes you might see:

thumbanil queed

That is because no picture was found and facesaerch (via websnapr)  makes a screenshot of the webpage. Wait a few moments and then reload. The placeholder will be gone, and a nice thumbnail of the website visible. The placeholder for this website will only turn up once.

Alternative you can still just copy&paste RSS URLs into the search box, old school.

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