RSSflow Bookmarklet - View RSS feeds Coverflow style

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RSSflow Bookmarklet

- see RSSflows of your favorite sites with a one-click bookmark.

What are “Bookmarklets“?
Bookmarklets are very handy pieces of JavaScript code that you can bookmark via Drag and Drop to your bookmark / favorites toolbar.

1. Install via Drag&Drop
drag and drop bookmarklet rss

2. Go to your favorite blog / website i.e. the great Wake up Tiger.
wake up tiger

3. View the blog Rssflow style.

RSSes with many pictures work best. See: Twitpic, Mashable, Flickr, ..

but sometimes you might see:

thumbanil queed

That is because no picture was found and facesaerch (via websnapr)  makes a screenshot of the webpage. Wait a few moments and then reload. The placeholder will be gone, and a nice thumbnail of the website visible. The placeholder for this website will only turn up once.

Alternative you can still just copy&paste RSS URLs into the search box, old school.

Digg Top Stories as RSS Flow

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Mashable as RSS flow

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This one is beautiful: mashable as RSS flow

TechCrunch RSS is 90% green.

Valleywag is a thing of beauty, too (visually seen). - visualized

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20 most recent Flickr pics as picture flow

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Well, no guarantee what pics you will see, that’s in the hand of the flickr community. Like what you see? You can visualize your RSS feeds with facesaerch and share them via the widget creator.

Visualize your RSS feeds with facesaerch

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How to use the RSS visualization:

  1. Go to
  2. Copy/Paste a valid RSS Url (i.e. from your Flickr account) into the search input box.
  3. Click on Search.

Works with every kind of RSS i.e.: Digg Top Stories

New: Easy view of RSSflows via this handy bookmarklet. Install via drag&drop.

here are some examples.

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