facesaerchteam sabbatical

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hi, the facesaerchteam is currently on a sabbatical.

Q: häh? what? how can a company go on a sabbatical?

thats the thing, facesaerch is a cool website that takes google images and displays them in a cool and usefull (some argue that usefull stuff) cover flow like design for faster scanning. its not really a company, its a hobby side project thingie. see more about what facesaerch is and what it isnt in the about section http://www.facesaerch.com/about.php.

and facesaerch is a hobby project were from time to time less then <2 people are working on it. and they are going on a sabbatical in a country where they are not so sure about the internet connection. so if you comment, mail or conntact facesaerch one way or the other there could be the possiblity that we can not respons in real time but with quite a few days in between. so please be patient. please see our aout section for any questions. thx a lot.

see you late
yours sincerly facesaerchteam (hobby side project thingie team)

Google search with Twitter integration

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First of all:i coded this for me, not for you! Because i deem it useful. Basically i came to realize that in my job of checking and optimizing websites and their brand visibility i came to use twitter search more and more often. So saving a few seconds per search i integrated Twitter in Google.

This script was recommended by Matt Cutts! Cool!

So now after you install

you get

twitter onebox result

yeah, look, there is a new unobtrusive twitter link in the blue bar (next to Groups in this case). Click it and …ta da…

twitter in google

the last ten tweets about the topic (via twitter search)
Oh yeah, of course the twitter link only shows up if there was something found via twitter.

Why is it important: After thinking about Twitter and using it for a while i realize it will become an underlying communication layer of coming real time web (and the mobile web). Google hasn’t realized it yet to it’s full extend. Information in twitter is faster available because it does not need to be indexed by Google to get found, it has it’s own search - It’s Google independent and has a speed advantage. On the other side Google is my One-Stop-Shop for information. So either i would have to leave my beloved one-stop-shop to get this valueable information or i fix it. Thx to Greasmonkey it’s only about an hour worth of work to fix a website. Have fun.

Oh yeah, the script is in an CC do whatever you want LGPL license.

the Google Twitter Onebox result

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There is a newer version of the script - check it out!

can you spot the little difference on this Google search result page?


yeah, there is a little, nice “Twitter” link in the blue bar, next to the fat “Web“, a click on it jumps the search result page down to:

tc-google-twitter-see the twitter results

yeah, the top 10 tweets (via the twitter search).

basically i have been using twitter a lot in the last time - both active as a tweet-tweeter and passive for research. Googles coverage of twitter can be seen as quite pore (seems instead of organizing the worlds information they seem to be more busy to force half baked wiki functions down our throat) so this

firefox greasemonkey script “google twitter”

fixes this.

hope you like it, oh and if you don’t have greasemonkey installed, you can get it here. if you want to follow me on twitter just check out my feed.

SEO instead of URLs

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SEO instead of URLs
SEO instead of URLs. I love it.

via Cable

In your face - Top Dog for SEO Manager in Germany

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seo manager deutschland

It took me about 4 month (it was a side project, so i was in no hurry), about 5 well placed inlinks and a landing page on an authoritative domain. So now i’m finally proud to present me, myself and i as nr.1 on the german google for SEO Manager - http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=SEO+Manager

Franz Enzenhofer - SEO Manager - XING
Franz Enzenhofer bietet Beratung, Gespräche, Konzepte, Wissen, Effizienz.

SEO is great!

Turn Google SearchWiki on / off

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Last Thursday Google launched a new feature called SearchWiki and well, it sucked. in my opinion. They turned a perfect clear-purpose product into a noisy icon-dessert which you can’t easily opt out .

I look at Google like 10.000 times a day, i don’t have time for noise, on the other hand, as an SEO manager I’m part of the GoogleEconomy, so i can’t just logout of the Google products or disable this feature completely.

So basically i coded a tiny

firefox greasemonkey enhancement called
searchwiki on/off

which lets you turn Google SearchWiki on if you need it (with this enhancement searchwiki is opt-in, means searchwiki is disabled by default.)


If you ever need the Google SearchWiki feature, i can just turn searchwiki on.

But if you have enough, the just turn SearchWiki off again.


And yes, the on/off status is remembered. So basically now you have a choice. This is how a user centric product is supposed to be from the beginning.

Installation SearchWiki on/off:

1. First you need the great Greasemonkey Firefox add-on.

2. Then just install the Search Wiki On/Off User Script with one-click.

3. Test it

Note: Googles SearchWiki behaviour is currently …. strange, al least here in austria it shows up on .com for some queries sometimes, then it is gone again. The “Wiki” on/off link that comes with this extension shows up all the time at google.com and google.co.uk.

What if? - Google launches Twitter killer

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WTF? While messing around with URLs for the Google Profile Search Start page i came across http://www.google.com/s2/status and well


what strikes is of course the logo and the small changes

1. finally the “i’m feeling lucky” button is put to good use (did somebody use it, anyway)

google status update

2. Google Profiles got pushed into the main Nav.

Well, trying it out it lead to

status not found

well, it lead to a standard 404! now all is back to 404 as it never existed. so well, either it was a trick or else or is this another journey of Google into the social - asynchronous communication - twitter space? Update: Is it real? No, not really - but not so far of.

Google Profile Search Beta

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Google Profile - Googles effort to become not only part but center of the whole social profile frenzy out there - are now searchable, all that is missing is a suitable start page. A fact that i changes, facesaerch is proud to present the

unofficial Google Profile Search beta.

have fun.

getting google to index

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ok, currently lot of my time is invested to search engine optimize a social travel guide. basically imagine a few hundred thousand pages of unique travel content by professionals with lots’n'lots incoming content of community members on a complete new -fresh & not used before- domain.

the first challenge is indexing, which means

  • sitemap.xml (does not perform)
  • human readable sitemap (performs much better form my experience),
  • navigation optimization (URLs and unique linktext) and
  • page weight reduction (less KB, gzip, …).

but also for indexing

  • linkbuilding

Google just stops after a while if it has enough pages but can’t estimate how important the site is and if it is worth indexing. Basically after getting a few (50+) links out there in the blogosphere the indexing kick starts again.

free xing search

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checking my xing contact, realizing that i don’t have a premium account anymore. but i liked the search feature, everything else is crap anyway. so here it is, the absolute free xing search, inoffical edition. trashy, but it works. hope you like it / find it useful.

free xing search

i just love sunday morning coding

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