It's like an Iphone met Facebook and they began to twi****!- Digg

The rise of visual social networking

Real time status updates of your Facebook friends. Update your status, poke and message your friends (in a slick looking way).

StartStart fUpdate for facebook

1. Login via your Facebook account

facebook Login into fUpdate with your existing or new Facebook account.

We won't mass poke you, spam you with invites or ask you stupid questions. Really. We do not even store your date.


2. Browse

FUpdate Browse your Facebook friends (buddies, mates, contacts or whatever you call them) visually and receive live updates of what they are currently doing.

And it looks great, too.


3. Update

fUpdate Update your Facebook status and let your friends know, what you are doing.

They are more interrested than you think, espeacially if the get the updates in such a slick looking way.

Start to update, poke and message.

Facesaerch and fUpdate

fUpdate is powered by the Facebook API and visualized with a very tuned version of the Protoflow software.


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